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Go-2 Unit

The "goto" or GO 2 unit is a single axis control system designed for simple operation. The operator keys in the required dimension then presses the GO button, the GO 2 unit will then position the backguage as required. We have also incoporated the facility to enter a small program 50 steps long, with a total of 9 programs, other features include a cycle counter for number of cuts, a total cycles counter the shows the overall usage of the machine, learn mode (cut & mark) to create programs and easy install program for the units setup.

The GO 2 unit is  also ideal for sheet metal guillotines and shears, 50% of our units are installed within the sheet metal industry.

The GO 2 system has now been sold for over 6 years in the UK without a single failure, a testament to quality design and build.

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